This week, we’ve been talking about The Importance of EQ and CQ in being a successful leader. 
We’ve come to define EQ and CQ like this:

  • EQ is your willingness and ability to reflect on your emotions, other’s emotions, and then use that information to adjust your behavior accordingly.

  • CQ is similar but includes awareness and an honoring of a different culture’s beliefs, norms, and approaches. It’s a deep interest in elevating your cross-cultural knowledge and learning how to act on that knowledge.

When we enter into dialogue 
with openness to learn
and an appreciation for differences,  
people feel seen, heard, and respected.

We found some resources that are helpful in understanding the importance of these abilities, as well as a useful cultural communication chart:

It’s important to not only know and understand yourself and your own internal culture (your beliefs, ideals, customs, etc.), but to also be willing and open to learn and grow from others and understand their cultures (their beliefs, ideals, customs, etc).
We’d love to know what resources you’re finding and how they’ve been helpful.
We’re here for you.