We hope you’ve found our recent Pause posts helpful as you embrace influencing your world and being influenced by your world (even when things get messy!).

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In these Pause posts, we’ve been talking about the importance of interrupting your reactivity so that you can create an environment where people feel supported. We see the Pause as integral to both emotional and cultural intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • EQ is your willingness and ability to reflect on your emotions, other’s emotions, and then use that information to adjust your behavior accordingly.
  • Research suggests that EQ makes a significant difference in whether you are a stellar leader or an average one.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

  • CQ is similar to EQ but includes an awareness and an honoring of different cultural beliefs, norms, and approaches.
  • It’s a deep interest in elevating your cross-cultural knowledge, and then learning how to act on that knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence doesn’t guarantee Cultural Intelligence, just as Cultural Intelligence doesn’t guarantee Emotional Intelligence. They are different, and being aware of the difference allows you to bring both to your life and work.

When you Pause, it’s important to be honest with yourself about how you’re showing up.

Are you communicating in a way that takes into account the other person, their emotions, and your emotions, and adjusting your behavior as needed? Are you reflecting on and being curious about the impact of your behavior on them, given their cultural norms?

In order to be most successful as a leader, it’s important to:

  • know and understand yourself (your emotions, communication style, etc)
  • know and understand your own internal culture (your beliefs, ideals, customs, etc.)
  • be willing and open to learn and grow from others (their emotions, communication styles, etc)
  • be willing and open to understand the cultures of others (their beliefs, ideals, customs, etc)

Simply put, seek to understand what’s going on inside of you, what’s going on inside of others, and be open to constant learning and growing.

Leading with EQ and CQ fosters deeper relationships
where people feel seen, heard, and respected.

Life can be so much richer when we’re open to learning and sharing with others who have had both similar and different experiences, expertise, wisdom, and perspectives.

As always, keep us posted on what your leadership looks like.

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