Last week, we talked about the hybrid work model as a much more nuanced model than we’ve come to think of it. 

This week, we’re sharing our thoughts about how, as an employee, you can negotiate with your boss to create a work style that contributes to the success of your organization and that works with your style and needs.

Optimal Hybrid Model =
Success for the Organization
Greater Effectiveness
and Satisfaction for You

The way you approach conversations contributes to psychological safety for your leaders.

Even though they have a different level of authority, like you, they also have responsibilities and challenges they’re trying to meet. If they believe you care about their success and the success of the company, they’ll likely be more open to your input. 

As an employee, reflect on these two questions:

  • What do you believe your organization needs from you and other employees to be successful and competitive in their industry and market?
    • Does the most significant work require people to be in person?
    • Do you believe your leaders can see your contributions clearly even while working remotely?
    • Are you capable of communicating regularly and clearly about the work you’re doing? 
    • Are there times of day or days of the week that are most important for employees to be available?
    • What are the benefits and risks to the organization to have you working remotely? Working in the office? Working at different times of the day?
  • What are the conditions that support you in being at your very best in your work?
    • When are you most productive during the day?
    • Have you found working remotely increases or decreases your focus and productivity?
    • Do you find you’re more or less creative and innovative when you’re around your team?
    • Are you an internal processor who needs time away from people to be most effective?
    • Are you more fueled by being in a remote location or being around colleagues and managers in person
    • How many hours a week are you hoping to work going forward?

As an employee,
you will be most effective
if you consider the needs of the company
and your needs simultaneously.

If you find that the needs of the company will never allow you to work in the ways that are best for you, then you may need to consider looking elsewhere. But before you make that decision, it may be helpful to explore what you’re looking for and how it can be effectively incorporated into the organization’s work model.

Once you’ve considered your needs and the needs of your organization, prepare for the discussion.

  • If you’re negotiating with your leader, share what you need to be successful on behalf of the company. This conversation shouldn’t be focused only on your personal needs but to truly assess why this is of value to your organization.
  • Listen respectfully to your leader’s response. Try to see it through their eyes. 
  • If you find you’re unable to come to an agreement that’s good for both, ask if you can take some time to consider what you heard and ask to have your perspective considered as well.
  • Let your leader know that you appreciate the discussion and consideration of your ideas and that you care about the success of the company. 

Use this as an opportunity to influence others and be influenced by others.

Your leaders will likely be more open to your ideas when they know that you care about the success of the company as well as your own success and that you’re willing to work with them to maximize both.

This week, think about both the needs of the company and your needs, and see what you find. Then, begin a conversation with your leader or manager about it – one where you influence them and seek to be influenced by them. 

Please let us know how it goes.

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