We recently began a series about how to use our leadership model, The Leader in You®, to support you in building emotional agility and in managing your own stress.
In the first step, Pause, you’ll decrease your reactivity and stay aware of your goals as you move through your day. In the second step, Reflect, you’ll deepen your awareness of what’s going on inside of you and what’s going on inside of the people you’re leading so that you increase your ability to show up at your best and to lead others to do the same.
This week, we’re talking about the third step called Act with POWER. When you work with this step, you’ll have five core actions that can increase your effectiveness, engage others to support your efforts, and help you stay on track as you navigate the opportunities and challenges that each day brings.
In Act with POWER, the word POWER both inspires you to show up with your best and most electric self and each letter reminds you of the core action you want to use.

To support you in learning each one of these 5 core steps, we’ll review one each week. Today, let’s review P which stands for Possibility Mindset.

Possibility Mindset. What are the possibilities INHERENT in the obstacles and challenges? 

Even the most effective leaders feel the stress and destabilizing aspects of obstacles and challenges. Yet, by Pausing and Reflecting, they’re able to come back to the question, “What are the possibilities INHERENT in the obstacles and challenges?” 

This shift away from reacting to the obstacles and challenges, to trusting that there are always possibilities, is a hallmark of great leaders, team members, coaches, and parents.  

Think, for a minute, about the Pandemic. It’s been filled with obstacles and challenges but also filled with possibilities. From learning to work from home, appreciating family and friends, and supporting leaders who have to face difficult decisions, there are always possibilities.

Most people get fixated on the obstacle instead of stepping back and trusting that the challenge itself is filled with opportunity. 

True leadership requires a PAUSE
and a focus on possibilities. 
Once you can make the shift to look for them,  
you’ll be amazed at what you see.

As you bump up against challenges and obstacles this week, take some time to see if you can come up with 3-5 unique answers to, “What are the possibilities inherent in this challenge?”

Join us next week, when we’ll talk about the next step in the ACT with POWER framework which is O for Ownership & Transparency.

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in the challenges you’re facing with your team,
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