Over the past several weeks, we’ve been walking you through our reflection and intention process. So far, we’ve covered:

  • Your Past: We asked you to answer the question, “Where have you been?”
  • Your Priorities: We asked you to answer the question, “What matters most to you in this life?”
  • Your Present: We asked you to answer the question, “Where are you now?” by rating how well you’re living into your top 5 Life Priorities.
  • Your Future: We asked you to answer the question, “Where are you going?”
  • Your Success: We answered the question, “How can you stay on track?”

Today, we’re asking the question,
“What does your success look like,
live like, and feel like?”

We’ve found it useful to capture our detailed vision in a Success Circle and thought we’d share that same framework with you, today.

Grab some colored pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, etc and write down (or draw!) all of the words/images you’d use to describe what you want your world to look like by the end of the year. Have fun with this!

Consider these things as you think about all the details of what Your Success means to you:

  • What will your life look like, live like, and feel like?
  • What smells, sounds, tastes, sights will be in your world?
  • Who will the people be and what will they be like?
  • What will your mood be and how will you feel?
  • What will you be doing with your time?

You can capture your answers on a blank sheet of paper or by printing out our Success Circle PDF here.

Unfortunately, despite the best of planning,
and envisioning our success,
we know that sh!t happens
that can pull us off track!

Putting a foundational practice in place can further support you to live in alignment with your vision. Consider one or more of these to help you stay on track (even when life throws you a curve ball):

  • Identify a word or phrase that sums up your vision for the year. Put this somewhere you’ll see it often, as a way to quickly remind you of your intentions.
  • Speak to yourself with grace and kindness on those days when you find that you haven’t focused on your priorities.
  • Leave inspirational notes around your house, office, or car, to let yourself know, “I’ve got this!”
  • Schedule a check-in with yourself every 1-3 months to celebrate successes and to try new small steps if needed.
  • Create a tracking board or document (a wall calendar works great too) where you can regularly record how you’re doing.
  • Make a new note to yourself each day, week, or month with your 1-3 top priorities that you want to focus on.
  • Find an accountability colleague, friend, or coach to help keep you on track.
  • Schedule reminders on your phone or calendar.

Don’t leave this step to chance. If you can regularly remind yourself of your priorities, vision of success, and why they’re important to you, you’ll be more apt to keep moving forward—even when life gets off track.

What does your vision of success look like, live like, and feel like? What will you put in place to help keep you on track?

Thanks for joining us in this practice. We wish you a happy and healthy 2024!

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