Over the past few weeks, we’ve been encouraging you to join us in our process of thinking about what we’d like next year to look like, live like, and feel like. So far, we’ve covered:

  • Your Past: We asked you to answer the question, “Where have you been?”
  • Your Priorities: We asked you to answer the question, “What matters most to you in this life?”
  • Your Present: We asked you to answer the question, “Where are you now?” by rating how well you’re living into your top 5 Life Priorities.

Today, we’re focusing on
the question,
“Where are you going?”

As you consider your top Life Priorities and the assessment that you did last week, what do you want next year to look like?

What do you need to start, stop,
or continue doing,
in the new year,
in order to feel successful and satisfied?

We know that this can be a big question to tackle, so we’re providing you with some prompts to help you craft your vision.

If, at the end of next year, you feel successful and satisfied…

  • What will you be most proud of?
  • What skills/strengths will you have developed and/or used?
  • What will you have accomplished?
  • How will you feel about yourself, your work, and your world?
  • How will you have related to the people in your life?
  • What will the sights, sounds, and even smells be?
  • What role will work have played in your life?
  • What role will your personal life have played in your experiences?
  • What will be the same or different about your place in your world?
  • What will you have learned or experienced?

As always, we encourage you to make this personal to you. You can answer the questions one-by-one, make a drawing, cut out photos/artwork, make your own word cloud, or something else that speaks to you.

You may find that you wind up with a vision that focuses on your top life priorities, other specific goals, or some combination of the two. There is no right or wrong way to envision what success looks like for you.

To further increase your chances of staying on track, we recommend checking in with yourself often.

Pause regularly and ask yourself,
“Am I spending my time and attention
on things that are
in alignment with my vision?”

What’s your vision for next year? We’d love to know!

Stay tuned for next week’s post when we’ll focus on Your Success, and answer the question, “How can you stay on track?”

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