A few weeks ago, we began a series on how to ACT with POWER.
Within our ACT with POWER framework, there are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.
Last week we looked at creating a shared vision with the of the acronym POWER which stands for We-Focused Goal Setting and today we’re covering the which stands for Enabling Action.

It’s interesting to think about the word “leader” because at its base is the word “lead,” which is defined as “the initiation of an action.” And, facilitating action is a central part of stepping into your leadership.  
Leaders who see Possibilities inherent in the challenges they face, Own Success and communicate why the effort is important to them, and who create a We-Focused, shared vision, will still fail as leaders if they don’t Enable Action to facilitate movement towards the results they’re trying to make happen.
Leadership is about action – getting results, creating new ways of relating, moving towards a new future, and sometimes that action is deciding to sit tight and wait to assess the best timing for action (that’s still a conscious action!).
It’s not action for action’s sake but action on behalf of the goals of the organization, the department, the team, and the individuals you’re leading. 
In looking at our example from last week, here’s how Enabling Action fits in:
P = You’re creating new workflow processes and you engage your team in exploring what’s Possible.
O = You take Ownership and Share why the effort or success matters to you and explore why it would matter to your team.
W = You create We-Focused Goals for how to move the effort forward.
E = You Enable Action. This means you work with your team to detail out the who, what, when, where, and how. For example, you create a schedule for how to move forward with clear action items and owners for each piece of the project.
As a leader – in all aspects of your life – you’ll always have more power and impact if you take the time to translate your ideas into action and to use your influence, authority, and relationships to enable action toward your goals.
This week reflect on the times you’ve successfully Enabled Action and those times when you either did nothing or took action just to move. Each of those experiences can teach you more about stepping into the Leader in You as you go forward.
Be sure to come back next week where we’ll cover the last step in ACT with POWER framework which is R = Review and Refine.

Your allies in success,
– Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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