Last week, we recommended doing our Life Priorities exercise to help you reconnect with yourself and the things that matter most to you. If you’re interested in that exercise, contact us today.

This week, we’re continuing some big thinking by looking back.

As we move toward the end of another tough year, many people are starting to think about their goals for next year. While it’s important to spend time thinking about your future, we’ve found that it’s more powerful to consider your vision for your future after you’ve looked back at your past year.

What you learn from looking back
can provide incredible guidance
as you look toward your new year.

We’ve chosen 9 areas that are global enough for you to explore your life experience in that broad category and at the same time, specific enough to help you think about the core areas in your life, and what this past year has looked like for you.

We realize that 9 areas are a lot, so we’re breaking this into 2 posts. Today, we’re giving you prompts to think about your head, heart, spirit, and instincts. Next week, we’ll ask you to think about your body, work, leisure, past, and future.

As you’re reflecting on these questions, if you find that there are other areas you want to address, please do so. You don’t have to use these exact questions – consider this a guide to help you think about 2021.

You may find it helpful to use your calendar/planner/checkbook/credit card statements to get a better overview of how you spent your time.


  • What opportunities did you take in 2021 to think and learn?
  • What were your greatest learnings?
  • What do you wish you’d learned?


  • How have you listened to and been guided by your heart this past year?
  • Where have you seen your heart’s greatest impact?
  • Where do you wish you’d given your heart more influence?


  • How have you honored your spirit in 2021?
  • What has honoring your spirit looked like this past year?
  • Do you see ways that you ignored your spirit? 


  • How have you listened to your instincts and wisdom this past year? 
  • What are some key ways that your instincts and wisdom guided you?
  • What would you do it differently next year?

This week, look in the rearview mirror and reflect on the above areas of your life. 

Let us know what comes up for you.

If you’d like support
reflecting on this past year,
contact us today.