Last week, we started an exercise called Looking Back. It’s that time of year when people start looking ahead and thinking about their goals.

We’ve found that it’s incredibly powerful
to consider your vision for your future
after you’ve looked back at the past year.

As a reminder, we’ve chosen 9 areas that are global enough for you to explore your life experience in that broad category and at the same time, specific enough to help you think about the core areas in your life, and what this past year has looked like for you.

We realize that 9 areas are a lot, so that’s why we created 2 posts. Last week, we gave you prompts to think about your head, heart, spirit, and instincts. If you haven’t looked through those questions yet, we highly recommend it. 

Today, we’re asking you to think about your body, work, leisure, past, and future.

1. BODY:

  • How have you related to your body or your physical self this past year?  
  • What are you pleased or proud about? 
  • What saddens or frustrates you?

2. WORK: 

  • What role did work play for you this year?
  • What are you most proud of accomplishing?
  • What had you hoped to accomplish that you haven’t?


  • Have you given yourself time to relax and play during 2021? 
  • What are the big and small ways you’ve found to enjoy leisure time? 
  • Have you let yourself have the leisure time that matters to you? 

4. PAST: 

  • How have you observed your past influencing you in 2021? 
  • What have you gleaned from the past that has served you? 
  • What have you absorbed from your past that has gotten in the way?


  • Throughout the year, have you let your hopes and plans for the future, influence and guide you? 
  • If so, what did that look like? 
  • If not, would you do anything differently?

Take some time to look back and think about how you have spent 2021 and what you’ve learned about how you want to spend 2022.

Next week, we’ll give you some prompts to help you create a visual of your life as it looks today.

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reflecting on this past year,
contact us today.