We know it’s been a long and challenging year but with the vaccine being distributed more systematically across the country, we’re finding that many of us are thinking about what our lives and our workplaces will look like in a post-COVID world.
The topic of a post-COVID workplace has started to emerge in the media and in our coaching and consulting work with leaders, teams, and individuals. They’re asking the question, “What’s called for next?”
In order to explore that question from a more personal-professional perspective, we want to ask you about your experience this past year.

What are your thoughts about
what matters to you most
as you look forward?

You’re a vast and diverse group of professionals and we’d like to know how the pandemic has affected your work life and your thoughts about what will be important to you as you look forward 1-3 years.
Today, will you do us the favor of completing a 2-minute survey (just 4 questions!) about your work experience this past year and your thoughts about the future?

Click here to take the short survey.

If we missed anything, please feel free to write down what you think would be helpful for us to know. This is an anonymous survey and by no means scientific, yet it’s a chance for us to learn from you, your experience, and your wisdom!
We’ll share the survey results in a future post. Thanks in advance for your responses.