Recently, we’ve been talking about the importance of demonstrating VALUE and CARE in order to Recruit and Retain the best employees.

Then, last week, in Slowing the Great Resignation, we shared some insights from a dear friend and fellow coach, Phyllis Washington, about what this looked like in her company. 

We’ve heard from many of you that it’s difficult to put your best foot forward with your employees when you’re feeling overworked and stressed. So, today, we’re sharing the importance of VALUE and CARE in your own life. 

We’ve always believed that people need to “put the oxygen mask on themselves first” if they’re going to be able to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. 

In the past year+ it’s become increasingly clear that:

The intersection of
valuing your contributions
and caring for yourself
is critical to managing burnout
and to creating success.

It’s important to value AND care for yourself. 

Think of it this way, if you value your unique gifts and talents, but don’t care for yourself, you may be slipping into working nonstop which can leave you feeling worn out and unsatisfied and can lead to burnout. 

Or, if you’re taking care of yourself without valuing your unique gifts and talents, you may be spending your days doing things that don’t in any way nourish your soul. 

So, what are some simple examples you can try?

CARE for yourself:

  • Knowing and living your life priorities
  • Healthy eating / sleeping / moving
  • Speaking to yourself with respect and kindness
  • Connecting with people you love and who love you
  • Reserving time for solitude
  • Finding a few minutes for daily mindful breathing
  • Scheduling time on your calendar for YOU

VALUE yourself:

  • Recognizing your unique gifts and talents
  • Identifying opportunities to offer your uniqueness to the world
  • Creating or sharing something beautiful, like a poem, music or images you love
  • Sharing your passions with colleagues, friends, family, and your community
  • Creating time to use your strengths more often (whether at work or elsewhere)
  • Celebrating your accomplishments – big and small
  • Crafting your own personal vision of success

You’ll be more successful,
satisfied, and vital
if you value and care
for yourself.

Try just one of these and see if you can create a repeatable habit. Let us know how it goes!

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