Over the past couple of months, we’ve been sharing how you can use our leadership model, Leader in You®, to support you in building emotional agility, empathy, and in managing your own stress.

So far, we’ve covered the first two steps which are PAUSE and REFLECT. You can review both of these steps in this Leader in You packet.

This week, we’re talking about the third step in our Leader in You framework, called Act with POWER. If you remember, the foundation of our work is our definition of leadership.

Leadership is the willingness to influence your world,
and the willingness to be influenced by your world,
regardless of role or title

You may notice that this concept of leadership is also woven into most of our work, including this third step of ACT with POWER.

POWER is an acronym we use to help you remember the five core actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.


Possibility Mindset:

Asking yourself regularly, “what are the possibilities inherent in this challenge?” will support you and your team to move through challenges and craft new solutions together.

Ownership and Transparency:

Influence the team on why the project, initiative, or goal is important to you, the team, and the company’s success, and then allow them to influence you with their thinking.


By continuing to influence others and creating space for them to influence you, you’re creating a we-focus that reminds you and team that you are better together. Think in terms of “our goal”, “how can we best move forward”, and “let’s lean in and come up with a solution together.”

Enable Action:

Influence the team with your thoughts on who will do what by when, and then allow them to influence you on any criteria that may change the action plan.

Review and Refine:

It’s important to schedule regular check-ins to allow yourself and the team to influence each other on successes, challenges, and ideas for moving forward.

When you work with these five core actions, you’ll increase your success, engage others to support your efforts, and stay on track as you navigate the opportunities and challenges that each day brings.

To support you in absorbing each one of these five steps, we’ll review just one per week.

This week, consider adding one or more of these steps to your leadership and stay tuned for a deeper dive, next week, into the P which stands for Possibilities or Possibility Mindset.

Let us know how you’re using our Leader in You framework in your life.

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