In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about leadership, and how to handle a situation if you become labeled the problem, and then how to stay engaged and not take others’ actions and reactions personally.
Today, we’d like to continue the conversation with some thoughts about the importance of teamwork.
While personal talents and individual contributions are vital elements of organizational success, your ability to engage collaboratively on a team, and contribute to a successful team outcome is arguably more important.
More than ever, sharing information in a team setting is vital to generating new ideas and solving complex problems. Ultimately, companies want to make the best us of their resources, and one of their fundamental resources is their personnel.
If you want to succeed and get recognized for your contributions to your organization, or if you’re considering a move to a new position in another organization, you’ll undoubtedly need to demonstrate times when you contributed to the success of a team effort.
As you go through your day, look for opportunities to actively team up with others. Watch how you interact in the team and, when possible, push yourself to develop and broaden your team skills. 
Some skills you may want to develop or refine:
  • Think about the people on the team as your “we” rather than as a group of people you need to work with. They are very different perspectives.
  • If you typically wait for others to get things started, challenge yourself to speak first. If you always speak first, hold back and allow others to contribute their thoughts before adding your own.
  • Share information about what you’re working on and its status and ask for updates on what others are working on.
  • Consider ways that working synergistically will be of benefit to your department or organization and share that with potential teammates. 
  • Observe yourself in group and team meetings – are you a team player in the eyes of those around you?  If not, consider getting some coaching on how to become more effective in fostering the success of the team and elevating every member of that team.

Taking the time now to understand and hone your ability to work on a team will serve you tremendously now and in the future.

~ Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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