We’re in the third week of our focus on Step 3 in our Leader in You® framework, ACT with POWER. POWER is a way to remember the 5 critical actions that effective and inspiring leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives: ACT with a Possibility Mindset, take Ownership for success and be transparent about why it matters to you, create We-focused goals, Enable action, and Review and refine.

In previous weeks, we discussed that the P in the acronym POWER stands for Possibility Mindset and the O, stands for Ownership &Transparency. Today, we’re covering the W, which stands for We-Focused Goal Setting.

We know that “we-focused” is a funny phrase and yet when we talk about it to leaders, teams, and individuals, they all know what it feels like when there is a we-focus. Feeling a part of the “we” is an important part of creating psychological safety and the experience that your teams matter to you.

We-Focused Goal Setting involves creating a shared vision and shared goals with the people you’re leading. Why? Because people are much more inclined to get behind something that they helped to create. That’s so important, that we’ll say it again.

People are much more inclined
to get behind something
that they helped to create.
We-focused Goals. Ask yourself: “Who do I need to engage and build alignment with to ensure we create success?”

The most effective leaders understand that it’s central to their role to consider who needs to be informed of an effort, who needs to be involved in an effort, and who needs to be in charge of an effort. Then, they engage those people appropriately in the goal setting, or at least understanding and aligning behind the vision.

While we each do some leading of our own lives, most leadership involves others. The very nature of leadership is the weaving of influencing others and being influenced by others.

Look for places where you can create a sense of “we” by working together to create an agreed-upon plan together, that will move you forward toward success.

Remember, if your team or colleagues (or even your family) can see their fingerprints on the vision, project, goal, or decision, they’ll feel valued and respected and they’re much more apt to be excited and engaged in its outcome.

Next week, we’ll talk about the E in the ACT with POWER framework, which stands for Enable Action

Let us know how you’re stepping into your POWER!

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