We’re in the third week of our focus on Step 3 in our Leader in You® framework called ACT with POWER.

As a reminder, we use the word “POWER” as an acronym to help you remember five core actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.

  • Possibility Mindset: “What’s possible in this situation?”
  • Ownership and Transparency: “Why does this matter to me, the team, and the company?”
  • We-Focus: “What’s our shared vision or goal and how can we best move forward together?”
  • Enable Action: “What action can we take to move forward?”
  • Review and Refine: “What’s working and what’s not working?”

First, we focused on the P which stands for Possibility Mindset and last week we focused on O for Ownership & Transparency.

Today, we’re talking about the W which stands for We-Focused.


Consider regularly saying things like, “What’s our shared goal? How can we best move forward, as a team? Let’s lean in and come up with a solution together.”

By continuing to influence others and creating space for them to influence you, you’re creating a we-focus that reminds you and team that you’re better together. It’s what our definition of leadership is all about: influence others and allow them to influence you.

Feeling a part of the “we” is
an important part
of creating psychological safety,
and in demonstrating that you
value people’s contributions
and care about them as
individuals and as a team.

Having a we-focus can involve creating a shared vision or goal together, or coming up with new possibilities when you’ve hit an obstacle, or even discussing together, each person’s ownership in the company’s success.

Using a we-focus is important. Why? Because people are much more inclined to get behind something that they helped to create.

When your team or colleague (or even a family member) can see their fingerprints on the vision, project, goal, or decision, they’ll feel valued and respected and they’re much more apt to be excited and engaged in its outcome.

This week, look for places where you can create a sense of “we” by working together to create an agreed-upon plan that will move you forward toward success.

Next week, we’ll talk about the E in the ACT with POWER framework, which stands for Enable Action.

Let us know how you’re using our Leader in You framework in your life.

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