At the request of some clients, we’ve recently been discussing some of our personal go-to leadership principles and those we struggle with. Two weeks ago, Linda talked about Reflecting and Small Steps, and last week Stephanie talked about Pausing and Transparency

Today, Heather is going to talk about her go-to framework and the areas where she struggles.

Here’s what Heather’s Leadership looks like:

My strengths and weaknesses are both within the ACT with POWER step of our Leader in You® framework. I’m a doer and love to get people (or just myself!) organized and moving forward. My brain thinks in terms of scheduling and I can really light up at the thought of putting together a structure to hold others or myself accountable.

Ownership, We-Focused, and Enable Action

I love a good process – anything that requires me to create a schedule, make a checklist, organize thoughts, or design a progress board. Just thinking about it is giving me a burst of energy!

In our ACT with POWER framework, we have 5 actions that, when combined together, make for an engaging and successful leader. My 3 go-to actions are:

  • Ownership & Transparency – I enjoy sharing with teammates, clients, colleagues, and friends why I’m excited about a given project, process, etc. I find when I do this, I’m more apt to get people motivated to jump on board with me.

  • We-Focused Goal Setting – When I open up the conversation to discuss how we can work together to create success, people become more motivated and we all have a more rewarding experience.

  • Enable Action – This one is my ultimate go-to. As soon as a project has started, my brain yells, “Let’s get this thing done!” and I’m ready to get down to the tactical questions. “What will be the next small steps that each of us will take and when will we take them?”

Possibilities and Review & Refine

Because I’m so ready to jump in and get myself and others activated, I struggle to slow down. This gets me into trouble in the other two steps of the Act with POWER step of our Leader in You® framework.

  • Possibilities – When obstacles arise and I don’t slow down long enough to think about the possibilities, I can get stuck and have trouble moving past them. When I remember to Pause and ask, “What would be possible in this situation?”, I’m pleasantly surprised that there are always opportunities that arise.
  • Review & Refine – Before I’m finished with one project, I’m getting ready for the next one; so this is definitely a step that I struggle with. I find it difficult to take the time to document all of those little learnings and updates along the way. Understanding what worked and what went wrong is a great opportunity to learn while doing.

Please continue to regularly share the tools of ours that you use and those areas where you struggle. Knowing both your strengths and weaknesses and course-correcting them along the way can help you to show up at your best.

~ Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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