Last month we began a series on how to ACT with POWER, the third step in our Leader in You Framework.
Within our ACT with POWER framework, there are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.

Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve talked about:
P = Possibility Mindset. You consider and engage your team in exploring the Possibilities inherent in the obstacles and challenges you face.
O = Ownership and Transparency. You take Ownership and Share why you care about the project you’re working on because you know others are more likely to work with you if they have a sense of you as a person. 
W = We-Focused Goal Setting. You know you’ll be more powerful if you have We-Focused shared goals with the people you’re leading, for how to move the effort forward.
E = Enable Action. You work with your team to detail out the who, what, when, where, and how. Together you consider how to take action (and sometimes that action may be to sit tight).
R = Review and Refine. You schedule time for the team to assess what’s working, what’s not working, and make corrections as needed.

You may find yourself focused on one of the steps for a while until you and your team get there fully, and that’s just fine. Remember, it’s not a checklist, it’s a guide for how you can lead with action.

Here’s an example:

You just met with your boss and she gave you a big project. Now you need to go implement it with your team. Pretty common scenario, right?
You leave the room and are already starting to consider the Possibilities that are inherent in the challenges that will come up during the project. As you bring up the project with your team, you share what you’re thinking and also explore their thoughts on what’s possible to create success in this important project.
At the same time, you Own your commitment to the project and are transparent about the ways this can move the company forward and create a different level of credibility for the whole team.
This opens a discussion about the details of the project and you move into creating We-Focused Goals. As a team, you begin to map out a shared vision for how to move forward and then set clear goals for each member of the team.
This is all about buy-in. People can get on board if they feel they’ve had a hand in creating it. You share what your boss described as success and then together start to map out priorities, timelines, owners, ongoing metrics, and how you’ll work together and communicate over the course of the project.
Then you’re ready to Enable Action. You decided to have an official kick-off for this project since it’s so important. This is where you’ll shift from talking about goals to taking action on the steps you’ve agreed upon.
Often, it’s helpful to leave some time between these 2 actions so your team can digest what they’ve heard, identify questions they need answered, and get roles, communication structures, and accountabilities clear before moving forward.  
As the team goes into action, you may also be going into action. In addition, as a leader, you’re enabling action and keeping an eye on what the team needs to clear the path for success.
Over the next few days, weeks, and months you’ll need to Review and Refine the plan regularly so that you’re able to:

  • Spot areas where you’re off plan.
  • Look for the possibilities inherent in the obstacles and challenges.
  • Continue to own success and share why it matters to you and engage your team in thinking about why it matters to them.
  • Create the next level of goals.
  • Enable refined action.
  • Continue having regular meetings to review and refine as the team moves forward. 

At first, each of these actions seems like a separate step but as you start to move forward you’ll find that they become a web of actions that support you in succeeding.

Spend time this week using these steps to see if you and your team can get some of your projects on a successful path forward.

Your allies in success,
– Linda, Stephanie, and Heather

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