We recently started an email series to support you in planning for the upcoming year. So far, we’ve covered:

  • Your Past: We asked you to answer the question, “Where have you been?”
  • Your Priorities: We asked you to answer the question, “What matters most to you in this life?”

Today, we’re focusing on
the question,
“Where are you now?”

To help you in considering the areas of your life that matter most to you, and what they look like today, we’re sharing a Life Priorities assessment exercise.

In the exercise, we’ll be prompting you to consider
how well you’re living into your top 5 Life Priorities.

If there are additional areas you want to address, please make those changes! We want this to be personal to you.

You may remember that in our last post, we recommended several ways you may want to consider capturing your answers:

  • Write yourself a letter.
  • Create a word cloud.
  • Cut out images.
  • Draw or paint.
  • Share answers with a loved one or colleague.

We look forward to hearing about your descriptions, assessments, and/or pictures of YOU!

Stay tuned for our email next week which will focus on Your Future, when we’ll ask the question “Where are you going?”

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with your personal or professional

visioning or goal setting,
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