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4 Steps to a Career You Love

In our experience, curiosity is one of the best ways to “tune into” yourself, your energy, your dreams, and your gifts. When you are curious about yourself and your world: You are able to get more real information and data that helps you make informed decisions about your future. You open to exploring areas that you haven’t thought of, but may find intriguing. You take in information with an open mind without making assumptions or pre-judgments on why something is…

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It’s Not Too Late To Have A Great Career

Thank you for your wonderful response to last week’s post, Thinking Differently About Your Career, and Jill’s free video series. As our Director of Career Services, Jill is leading the charge to support you as you step into leading your career – wherever you are in the process. It’s important to understand that career leadership is not only about jobs that you take for pay; it’s about all your work. It’s about all of the work that brings you meaning…

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Passion and Success Do Not Equal Job Title

I am told often that one of the hardest questions people are asked when it comes to job search and career exploration is, “What is your passion?” When confronted with this question they say that they don’t have a passion or “I don’t know.” Too often, people who have not claimed a career such as firefighter, nurse, lawyer, or secretary fall into the misbelief that they must not have a passion. People are missing the fact that passion has to…

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Time to Test your Assumptions

My message today is a simple one.  Test your assumptions before you take them in and operate as if they are fact.  Human beings always make assumptions.  That’s how we create order and logic in our world.  Sometimes, however, the assumptions are not accurate and can hold us back from taking positive action.  Below are a few of the assumptions that I hear most often from my clients who are looking for a job: There are no jobs.  Everyone knows…

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Adding a Quotation to your Resume

Development or revision of a resume is an ongoing, challenging effort.  Remember that we adjust and revise descriptions of our professional experience in our resume to address a specific position.  We add elements as our skills or experience build and broaden.  We are constantly challenged on how to accurately present our value so that we truly can be understood as a “solution” to the work world. Today, I want you to take a pause in this ongoing process and think…

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Do You Have What it Takes?

I was just reading yesterday about how important “emotional intelligence” is in the career searching and decision-making processes.  Studies have actually shown that this concept that was identified several decades ago is playing a significant role in the job search and work environment today.  Attitude, and how you interact with other people is critical to career success and satisfaction.  Employers today are looking for people with the right “attitude” and personality traits.  People who can work well with others, respect…

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Be a Solution

An often-overlooked approach to gaining insight and reaching your career goals is to understand what problems need to be solved.  When people are looking for a job, interviewing or even researching possibilities, we often find that folks concentrate on what they are going to say – sometimes to the point where they are unable to be present in the moment. We invite you to try a different approach, practice a new strategy.  First of all, listen closely in the discussion…

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Set Realistic Goals

Do you set unrealistic expectations for yourself when it comes to taking steps in your job search or reaching your career goals?  I have found that over and over again smart people “over think” what they need to do in the short term when looking for career answers.  I agree that it is always important to have an overall career goal and a general plan on how to achieve it.  Most often, achieving your goal requires a purposeful, step-by-step process. …

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Are You Waiting Too Long?

Are you waiting too long to take the steps that will shape your future and bring more satisfaction to your career life?  As a career coach, when people come in for the first time I often hear the phrase, “I have been thinking of this for months – even years.”  I recognize that decisions that involve our career, leadership or personal goals need time to take shape, be considered and analyzed before being acted upon.  However, in my experience, I…

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What Employers Need

Have you stopped and really thought about what an employer is looking for in an employee?   Most of us get very caught up in what we are looking for in a job and employer.  For instance, we know the type of work we want to do, the hours we want to work and the environment that we want to work in, but rarely do we consider what an employer needs.  I would like to challenge you to pause, step back…

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