We’re in the fourth week of our focus on Step 3 in our Leader in You® framework called ACT with POWER.

As a reminder, we use the word “POWER” as an acronym to help you remember five core actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives.

  • Possibility Mindset: “What’s possible in this situation?”
  • Ownership and Transparency: “Why does this matter to me, the team, and the company?”
  • We-Focus: “What’s our shared vision or goal and how can we best move forward together?”
  • Enable Action: “What action can we take to move forward?”
  • Review and Refine: “What’s working and what’s not working?”

So far, we focused on the P which stands for Possibility MindsetOwnership & Transparency, and in having a We-Focus.

Today, we’re talking about the E which stands for Enable Action.

Enable Action

Ask yourself, “What action can we take to move forward? Who will take the action? When will they do it?”

Influence the team with your thoughts on who will do what by when, and then allow them to influence you on any criteria that may change the action plan.

Leadership is about action. It’s about getting results, creating new ways of relating, moving towards a new future. It’s important that everyone on the team understands what actions they will each take to create success.

Your actions should always tie back to your goals and the results you’re seeking.

As a leader, when you choose an action, it’s important to ensure that your team understands what success will look like as a result of that action. And, it’s also important that they have a chance to influence you with their thoughts.

We also want to note that sometimes the action is to sit tight and wait. Wait for things like more information or the right timing. If the action is to wait, be sure to clarify with the team how you’ll know when it’s time to move forward and how you’ll communicate that to them.

Leaders who see Possibilities inherent in the challenges they face, Own success and communicate why the effort is important to them, and who create a We-Focused shared vision, will have trouble being successful if they don’t Enable Action to facilitate movement towards the results they’re trying to make happen.

It’s important to remember that, as a leader in all aspects of your life, you’ll always have more power and impact if you take the time to translate your ideas into action that will move you forward toward your goals.

This week, reflect on the times you’ve successfully Enabled Action (even if it was the decision to sit tight and wait).

Let us know how you’re using our Leader in You framework in your life.

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