ACT with POWER framework there are 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives: ACT with a Possibility Mindset, take Ownership for success and be transparent about why it matters to you, create We-focused goals, Enable action, and Review and refine.

In previous weeks, we discussed that the P in the acronym POWER stands for Possibility Mindset, the O stands for Ownership & Transparency, and the W stands for We-Focused Goal Setting. Today we’re covering the E which stands for Enable Action.

Leaders who see Possibilities inherent in the challenges they face, Own Success, and communicate why the effort is important to them, and who create a We-Focused shared vision, will still fail as leaders if they don’t Enable Action to facilitate movement towards the results they’re trying to make happen.

Enable Action. Ask yourself: “What actions do we need to take to facilitate traction and ultimately achieve success on our goals?”
Leadership is about action – getting results, creating new ways of relating, moving towards a new future. Sometimes that action is deciding to sit tight and wait to assess the best timing to take that action (that’s still a conscious action!).

Actions you take should be on behalf of the organization’s goals, the department, the team, and the individuals you’re leading.

Sometimes, the most powerful leadership interventions are when a leader insists the team take a beat and let things play out before deciding what’s next. By Pausing, they’re able to respond thoughtfully, instead of reacting hastily.

The actions you take should always tie back to your goals and the results you’re seeking. As a leader, when you choose an action, it’s important to ensure that your team understands what success will look like as a result of that action.

This week, reflect on the times you’ve successfully Enabled Action and those times when you either did nothing or took action just to move. Each of those experiences can teach you more about stepping into the Leader in You as you go forward.

Next week, we’ll talk about the R in the ACT with POWER framework, which stands for Review and Refine.

Keep us posted on your progress!

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