This past month, we’ve been discussing the 5 steps in our ACT with POWER framework.

ACT with POWER has 5 critical actions that powerful leaders must do to move forward on important issues and initiatives:

Today, we’re covering the R which stands for Review and Refine.

Leaders who see Possibilities inherent in the challenges they face, Own Success, communicate why the effort is important to them, who create a We-Focused shared vision, and Enable Action to facilitate movement towards the goals will have much greater success if they take the time to Review and Refine.

Review and Refine. Ask yourself, “What’s working as we hoped, what’s working that we didn’t think about, and what is not working?”

The most effective leaders understand that plans are guidelines. Much like hiking, if you’ve all committed to going North but come across a large boulder, you may need to go East or West for a bit to eventually get back to heading North.  

Similarly, with the hiking metaphor, if you unknowingly stray off your path by even a few degrees, in 5 miles time, you’ll be far from your goal.

It’s important to review and refine regularly to see if you’ve remained on your path. If you’re off your path, assess if the deviation is a better choice or if you need to migrate back to your original path. 

Leadership is a dynamic process with many moving parts. It’s important to celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and course correct along the way.

While it’s helpful to remember the actions to take using the word POWER, these don’t always need to happen in this order, and you don’t always have to use all of them. Doing any one of them can be really helpful in your leadership success.

The same is true for the whole The Leader in You® framework. Sometimes as you are Acting with POWER you Pause to assess how things are going or Reflect on what’s happening to you and to the people you are involved with or leading.  

With these three steps, you have the tools to influence your world and be influenced by your world, lead and engage others, demonstrate emotional agility, create psychological safety, and successfully navigate the stressors of your world.

This week, spend some time exploring how you can plan for reviewing and refining your goal implementation and let us know how it goes. 

We’re here for you!

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